Choosing Your Art

Eeeeek! How do I choose artwork, what are the right prints for my home?

Choosing artwork is tricky. Above all - LOVE WHAT YOU BUY! Find a print you love, something that gives you joy and makes you smile when you look at it - you know, the warm and fuzzies inside. Or something that makes you feel calm, takes you to another place or a place you've been to.

Art absolutely has the power to transform a space, make a house a home. It draws your eye to a place in the room.

There are other factors that play a role in your choice of course. Think of your art as a piece of furniture, an extension of your taste. Treat it the same way. There are several things that can influence what you choose.



Bear in mind the space you're choosing your artwork for and how much wall space you have. Also think of the balance of a room, is a piece too big or too small, does it feel unbalanced?

Consider placement, where will I hang it, or them? Is the space more suited to several smaller pieces or one large piece? If you're purchasing more than one piece there are Bundle discounts too.

Or is it a statement piece - a piece above a bed or a couch? As a guide a statement piece should not be larger than two thirds of the couch or bed.

Keep in mind the piece has to sit a bit above the furniture and under the ceiling height too.

Perfect Size for the Spot 
Perfect Size for the Spot


Gallery Wall

If you choose to create a gallery wall start with the largest piece and build the smaller pieces around it.

A good way to choose sizes and get a better visual is to cut some out of paper in the sizes you're looking at and blue tac them to the wall. Move them around, have a play with different positions - are they landscape, portrait or square? It will show you the space it takes up, how many pieces you need and the sizes that will fit.

Once you're happy with the layout, take a photo on your phone so you remember the final layout when your art arrives, ready to hang.

A Black and White Gallery Wall



You can choose art by colour - what colours are dominant in the space, and choose something with similar tones. Have a play with shades of those tones to add depth of colour.

Use the colour of a statement piece you already have such as a couch to bring out the colour in your wall art.

You can also use bold bright colours as long as it ties back in to the ascetics of your room. If the colours in your room are plain, you can also add bright colours with artwork and add soft furnishings such as cushions or throws in the colours of the art piece.

Colour can play a big part if you're styling a home to sell too. Choose similar tones to the decor so that it all ties in. Often bigger pieces are better there than lots of little pieces.

A Pop of Colour can be a Great Asset to a Room



Or choose by theme - do you have a beach house with a beach feel, do you live in a modern house in the city and need something more abstract or city? Is your home more traditional, or does it have a Scandi feel? We have pieces for every home.

Memories of Places you've been with a Coastal Theme


If you have a large open plan area you can use wall art to define spaces within. Purchase with a Theme or Colour in mind.

The right wall art can make a massive difference to a space, and is a quick, easy and cost effective way to do so. It evokes feelings and communicates your style. Keep it cohesive, personal and have some fun!

Your home, your art piece. Don't buy it if you don't love it. Have FUN choosing and matching, and hanging when you receive it.

Art is the finishing touch - it really does transform a home. 

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Happy styling!


Team The Arte x